A Timely Word for Mother’s Day…

A Timely Word for Mother’s Day…

About a year ago my son received an aquarium for his birthday. I would love to tell you it’s all about him, but I too have really learned to appreciate our fish. As our beautiful fish have grown I have enjoyed watching them mature.

We officially hit adulthood recently, as they began the process of laying and fertilizing eggs. What is so incredibly amazing about our African Cichlids is that they are mouth brooders. The female lays the eggs and then carries them in her mouth, going without food, for weeks. The mothers will even continue to allow the baby fish to swim in and out of her mouth after hatching to protect them.

As I sat drinking my coffee and observing a mama fish doing all she could to protect her offspring one day, God so clearly spoke to my heart and said, “Often times the safest place for a child is when mama’s mouth stays shut.” I sat stunned! Knowing that was truth, but feeling the sting of the word as well. I have taken that word to heart and I am trying my best to protect my babies, mouth shut.

Ecclesiastes 3:7b says, “There is a time to be silent and a time to speak.”

As a mama, I want to train my children up in the best way possible…sometimes it’s in silence!