What if the breakthrough comes by doing something weird? What if it takes believing before you see, then seeing what you believe? What if we only received what we could see, how much would we get? Can we dream big? Can we trust God to provide for the dream in our heart? He is our provider, do we trust him to provide? He is the Great Physician, do we trust him to have the cure? He is our Father, do we trust him to protect?

I am working on dreaming…I am working on gathering up courage enough to believe for things that I have been disappointed in before. According to Luke 12:32, “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” I know it in my head, I am working it down to my heart and spirit via prayer!

I am feeling challenged by those who have gone before me and believed…God asked Noah to build a boat, in the desert because he was going to flood the earth. Noah had never seen rain because it had never rained before…God asked Moses to lead his people out of Egypt, and to split the Red Sea with a stick…God told Elijah to go before King Ahab and declare no rain…then to return and have a battle with the false prophets on Mt Carmel.

All of these are success stories, not perfect, but successful. But there were others…God commanded Adam and Eve that they could eat from every tree in the garden except the tree and the knowledge of good and evil. God commanded Moses to talk to the rock so it would give water but he struck it. God commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh, but it took a storm, a great fish, and three days in putrid belly acid, and being vomited up before he went.

God isn’t asking me to do anymore than to believe. I am working on it. I am choosing to believe. I am choosing to build an ark, lead his people, split the sea, and call down fire from Heaven; all in my Spirit.

2017 is my year to believe!