Best Sound in the World…

Best Sound in the World…

As I walked down the aisle in my local grocery store, my ears were filled with my favorite sound. No matter how far along in the store I walked I could not catch the sound, but my spirit was lifted continuously each step I took forward. Then when I reached the end of the frozen section I came face to face with the small thing that truly made my day…curious yet as to what it was???

It was the glorious sound of giggles coming out of a little boy (4) and girl (2) riding in a cart with the car front. I could tell from the mom’s face that clearly the people she had passed before me were not as happy to hear the squeals coming from her boisterous children. She looked beaten down and you could tell she was rushing to get out of the store, that’s where I stepped in. I verbalized the joy her two children had brought to my heart and how I enjoyed hearing them throughout the store. Suddenly, her demeanor changed. She was reminded how much joy comes from innocent children laughing.

Proverbs 17:22 – A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

If I am fully honest, laughing and giggles truly might be my favorite thing, not just sound, in the whole world. I enjoy laughing so much that I crack myself up on a consistent basis. My husband makes me laugh as no one else can and even as an adult I have laughing fits like a child. I have made a spectacle of myself in public, more than once. I have laughed until I hurt all the way through my body. I even had my laugh recorded to which the person said, “I’ve recorded laughter around the world and have never heard a laugh like yours.” If you have heard me laugh, I have no doubt you will never forget the experience. My laugh is loud and happy. Even my husband says, “If I want to find you, all I have to do is wait momentarily and listen for your laugh.” My laugh is heartfelt and my laugh is a gift.

My laughter, just like the kids in the cart, may be out of some people’s level of comfort. No matter how those around me react, I will never apologize for the joy that comes from heart and spills out of my mouth. Why? Because I remember what it was like to never laugh…I remember when I was the “crushed spirit that dried the bones.” I remember when I would not laugh because I was so concerned with what others thought. I remember when I didn’t laugh because I had no joy. I remember and I don’t ever want to go back…so I WILL LAUGH!

The scripture in Proverbs makes it very clearly…THE DIFFERENCE IS OUR DECISION. Will you choose to give and/or take good medicine (joyful heart) or will you have/cause bones to dry? Will you laugh with me? Will you choose to find the blessings in your life?