Helpful Allergy Tips!

Helpful Allergy Tips!

Do April ? ? ? flowers bring sneezy showers? ??

Spring is here whether we are ready or not. Here are some tips on ways to keep feeling good ? even as the pollen ? ?and mold ?? counts rise.


Neti pots & sinus rinses are our friend! ?

During allergy season, rinsing ? your sinuses daily assists the body with moving out mucus ? that has captured pollen, dust, etc… By helping the body to eliminate allergens ??‍♀️, we are giving it a better chance at success against the histamines ? that are all around.

ALWAYS USE DISTILLED OR BOILED WATER!!! Tap water, even filtered ?, has several possible and probable contaminants.


?Allergies, Inflammation, immunity, & Probiotics!!?

Probiotics help build up ?? a healthy level ? of gut flora and therefore overall heath. This may mean little to you but gut flora helps to balance the body’s inflammatory and immune responses (allergies included)??. Your gut is responsible for and is a factor in so many functions of your body.

Almost all allergies including seasonal flare ups, eczema, and even extreme allergies have a direct connection to that amount of flora (good bacteria) in the digestive system. We often expect our bodies to function ???? at a high level but neglect to give it the fuel ⛽️ necessary to produce that effect. I suggest everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, take probiotics ??‍♂️??‍♀️! To be honest even my dogs ? are on probiotics!


? Cider Vinegar is a champion? allergy tip!

This amazing product not only reduces mucus ? but also helps cleanse the lymphatic system ?. There are 2 types of apple cider vinegar. Refined vinegar appears clear making it more appealing but these should be avoided because they are not as beneficial.

The apple ? cider vinegar you want is raw, unrefined and unpasteurized. It will have a murky appearance because of an incredible ingredient called MOTHER of vinegar. The mother is the key element that makes apple cider vinegar such a super ⭐️ star!

On another amazing note, apple cider vinegar also helps balance the ph of your body creating a better environment for health!

Helpful tip…if the taste is a little strong for your liking you could add just a bit of raw honey to soften the flavor!

When seasonal allergies are at their peak ⛰, mix 1 tsp of unrefined Apple ? cider vinegar in a glass of?water 3x a day!


How about those dry ?, red eyes ???

Most eye allergies are caused by 4 types of hay fever. Hay fever can be caused by grass ⛳️ pollen, tree ? pollen, ragweed ? and/or mold ☔️.

Most eye allergies can be improved by using a cold ❄️ wet ? compress to wipe away irritating allergies and reduce swelling.

What natural options do you use??

We rub 2 drops of Lavender and 2 drops of Melaleuca doTERRA essential oils under the pads of the index and middle toe???. Then we massage ??‍♀️?‍♂️ a few drops ?of lavender essential oil on the temples. Just making sure to avoid ??‍♂️ direct contact with the ? eye! ?


Shortly after giving birth?? to our second child, our lives quickly became a prison? to allergies and asthma. The more medicine they gave us to help…the morewe needed ??‍♀️. At one point I was on 4️⃣ allergy medicines and 2️⃣ steroids everyday and yet I still could not even play outside with my kids. Then they wanted to put our precious little girl ?? on daily steroid treatments. We put our foot ? down and said ?…this far and no further ??‍♀️.

We made 3️⃣ distinct changes.

1. Clean eating

2. High quality supplements

3. Homeopathic alternatives

It was not an overnight change, but it did bring radical results! In less than 2️⃣ years, our medical bills had all but disappeared. We were a new family filled with hope ? instead of dreading ? what was coming next!

Now we will dive ??‍♂️??‍♀️ a little deeper into each of those topics on the topic of allergies. I hope our story inspires you to step out and make a change for your good!


?? Eating things that bring life to your body!

Our liver is a filter that helps ensure that we are well nourished because it discards ? the waste. When we eat processed ? or sugary ? foods it clogs the filter.

So what do we do to clean ?‍♀️ the filter?

First, stop ? the sugar ???? train. Sugar is detrimental ☠️ to your health. It not only clogs the filters it also negatively impacts your immune system ? and causes premature aging ????. Second, drop the processed foods ?????. Things like fast food, freezer meals and chips may taste good ? but they don’t make you feel good ?.

In their place, try eating foods that have life! Foods such as fresh fruit ??? and veggies????. Trade in a sugary soda ? for a life giving glass of water?. Include healthy grain fed ? beef and chicken ? . Whole grain ? bread, brown rice ? and/or quinoa are filling and good choices!

This was a major step that we took in overcoming allergies. We began this process in 2006, and have never looked back due to the results!!! We have been using simple means to help detoxify our bodies to prevent allergies from taking such a toll in our house. Our bodies are incredible & have been designed to heal & thrive. Just like you cannot put diesel fuel into a gas ⛽️ motor and expect it to run well – you cannot put junk food in your body and expect it to perform. One of the most important organs, when it comes to fighting allergies and toxins, is our liver!


Are Supplements Really Necessary?


Why ??‍♀️? 2️⃣ reasons…

1. Sadly ? we don’t spend enough time ⏱ outside in the beautiful fresh air and sunshine ☀️.

2. Foods ????? that are served everyday at the family dinner table ? are no longer abundant in necessary vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, our bodies are depleted ? of essential vitamins and minerals. Those essential vitamins ??‍? and minerals are necessary for our bodies to function and heal ? ???!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Don’t waste your money ?…Don’t go ? and buy supplements from the grocery store, Walmart, Walgreens, or etc. Most, if not all, of these are synthetic ? which will not help and may actually hurt you.

HARD TRUTH: Good supplements cost money ? but they are worth every penny!!! Remember, healthy eating & supplements are not overnight stars ✨ . It takes time ? to see results because you are empowering ?? the body to fight ?? instead of just treating the symptoms.

Our family utilizes many different vitamins. Our daily regimen is as follows:

1. Whole food complex (multi vitamin)

2. Probiotics

3. Cod Liver oil from a cold water source


In addition we also choose to take:

1. Raw vitamin C

2. Raw vitamin D3

3. Cellular restorative vitamin


Homeopathic Alternatives!!!

This was not a choice I made ??‍♀️. It was a choice made for me ??‍♀️. When allergies started to effect our oldest son ??, we found out quickly that any type of medicinal antihistamine was not ❌ an option. It made him crazy ? and unable to sleep ?. Not treating him was almost as bad of an option. Every year he would end up really ? sick because his allergies ? would turn into infections ?. We had to find another option.

Supplements and healthy food choices helped ✅ with his allergies, but still we needed more help ⚠️. That is when we turned to essential oils. We started applying oils to his feet and spine both morning ? and night ?. In a short amount of time ⏳ his allergies had improved ??.

Then the real test came…Spring ??. We made it through the entire Spring without any sickness ??‍♂️. He still had allergies periodically, but they were never so strong ?? that his immune system couldn’t fight ???? them off! This was a breakthrough ?!!!!

We make oil blends for our family that are easy and effective. We all use the following doTERRA oils in differing amounts!

1. Peppermint- anti inflammatory to fight swollen tissue

2. Eucalyptus- cleansing properties

3. Lemon- helps boost immune function

4. Lavender- natural antihistamine

5. Frankincense- helps support health at the cellular level. **Awesome for foundational health!**

These are just a few of the changes that we applied that brought massive change to our health, especially concerning allergies. Everybody is different and there is no “one size fits all” method. We have done extensive research concerning these different tips & would be more than happy to help anyone with questions. All you have to do is ask! ??‍♂️??‍♀️ We take the time to work with you to determine what would be best for you. If you are interested, please feel free to ask us for help!