How To Apply The Word Of God To Expedite Results!

How To Apply The Word Of God To Expedite Results!

Whose report will you believe? I have been asked this question many times in my life. I would proudly proclaim that I was believing the report of the Lord. I would try….and I would fail. I would find myself locked up in a prison within my own mind. Even if my mouth said nothing, I was a captive to the negative and crushing thoughts in my own head. I would put on a smile and when people would ask I would reply correctly, because I was trying and so I thought that constituted a truthful answer. I was dying, isolated and afraid. That is exactly where the other report will take you. Isolation and ultimately death.

I would read the scripture and I would know what it said…in my head. I did not know how to meditate on it until it earned a home my heart. The Bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I knew by my words I wasn’t doing good. So I withdrew, feeling helpless.

I began to be challenged by my biggest support and toughest coach…my husband. He encouraged me to find who I was according the the scriptures. He told me things could be different. He showed me that there was a source of life I had not fully tapped into. So I began my journey of figuring out who I was. Sometimes as the Lord would show me truth out of Bible, I would read it and be encouraged. But just like in the story of the sower, where he threw seed upon the shallow ground, my heart received it with joy but it soon died off because of lack of sustenance, especially when I faced challenges. I learned that I needed to meditate on the scripture He showed me. Sometimes that time frame was for a day and I would continually through my day bring it back to the forefront of my mind. Sometimes it took weeks of bringing it back up for it take root. I found that if I continued to be faithful in remembering the scripture it would make its way down to my heart, where it had good ground to grow in. I knew I was changing. I knew my heart was happier. I knew I was making progress but I didn’t know how much.

Then it happened. I was challenged. I was literally hit out of of nowhere with some intense physical pain where I couldn’t get off the floor and no one was around to help or pray. It was at that moment I had to make a decision; would I apply what I had learned or revert to the way I had always done things? I set my mind to believe what the Bible said and for the first time I saw what God had done in my heart. Out of the depths of me I began fighting that pain. It was not a moment of me begging God to heal me. It was the moment I stepped into authority and commanded my body to line up with the Word of God and reminded my body what the Word of God says. I was quoting scripture I honestly didn’t even remember meditating on. I was walking in authority like I didn’t know I could! Do you know what happened? The pain subsided. I got up under my own strength. I was worn out from the attack on my body but my spirit had never felt more alive. The time I had spent with God learning His Word had truly become the sword of the spirit and the strength of that weapon is immeasurable.

I am growing. I am learning. I am challenged and getting better at using my Sword in battle. I encourage you to take time and meditate on the truth found in the Word of God.   The question remains: whose report will you believe? The absolute truth is you are who the Word of God alone says you are…CHOOSE TO BELIEVE!