The Holy Spirit and the Word of God always agree. You will never have a outpouring of the Holy Spirit unless it is accompanied by the word of God. At the same time, the word of God alone is not enough without an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2 - Holy Spirit fell...the people began to speak in tongues (both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabians—we hear them telling in our own tongues the mighty works of God.)...Peter preached the word of God and 3000 were saved Acts 4 - Declared word, Holy Spirit filled them, preached the word with boldness Acts 8 - Philip in Samaria...people were saved & baptized by the Philip’s preaching but not filled with the Spirit...Peter and John come so they could receive the Holy Spirit Acts 9 - Saul/Paul is saved and does nothing until he is filled with the Holy Spirit Acts 10 - Peter preaches to Cornelius’ family, Holy Spirit fills, and all are baptized.

You cannot say that you love Jesus and don’t love the word of God...He is the word. You cannot say that you love the Holy Spirit and not love the word of God...He delivered the word!

Today, the Holy Spirit will accelerate the passion within you when the word of God is spoken to you. Today, He will reveal things to you that you could not think of on your own. Today, He will shine His light on the word of God for you so that you know what to do.

If the Holy Spirit doesn’t put His finger on a word, then you better wait. But if He does place His finger on it, then you better not hesitate.

My value for the voice of God is measured by my value for the word of God. If I don’t value the word of God, then my obedience to His voice is not from the heart or with joy, it is just a religious obligation I’m commanded to do. If you value the voice above the word of God, then you open yourself to deception.

Nobody arrives at a future they cannot see. If you don’t have a picture of where you are going, anywhere looks like it. Noah & Moses both had a picture of what they were to do and build.

You want your faith to rise?? You want yoke destroying, burden lifting faith?? Then the word and the Spirit have to become one in your life. Today, whatever challenge you are facing, find at least four Scriptures that show your victory. Pray those over your life until the Holy Spirit seals in your heart, then begin to rejoice until it is manifest for the victory is yours!