Preparing My Gift

Preparing My Gift

There is truly nothing better than giving!  It is a special thing that causes a miracle not only in the one receiving the gift, but also in the heart of the giver. A gift is a message that says “I thought about you while we were apart.” It says “I love you more than I love myself.” It means “you are worth so much to me that I choose to spend my money or time or effort blessing you instead of blessing myself.”

Scripture shows us that Father God, Jehovah, was the greatest giver ever recorded. He not only gave love and miracles, but He gave His most precious belonging in the whole world…He gave us Jesus, His only son. I believe God made us in his image— His Word tells us so! We were made to give just like our Father!!

As I have thought about that and the love that he exudes, I started to contemplate what it must have been like to bring gifts to the Christ himself. This thought has enveloped me. It makes my heart feel overwhelmed with emotions. I can imagine that the people who brought him gifts, whether the shepherds or the wise men, must have known their inferiority to the one to whom they were giving. They must have known that no matter how big their gift was, it was nothing compared to Jesus himself. He is the Gift of all Gifts!

Then I began to think of my own life. It is the same for me today. When I am in the presence of God my heart longs to give all I have, and yet it will never compare to what He gives. How can you bless the Gift of all Gifts???  Then I remembered my son. He is eight and it brings him so much joy to make me incredible pieces of art that he has worked hard on and created with me in mind. Although he creates incredible pictures, he is little and still needs help.  So when it’s art time I gather everything he will need and then I let him go!  He comes to me with the creation and although it’s not perfection, it is perfect to me! I hang it proudly somewhere that people will be sure to notice. Not only does my heart feel overwhelmed with love, but his heart is blessed as well when he sees how proudly I show off my gift!

This is a picture of exactly how God is! Just like I have to provide everything—paint, markers, paper, etc.—for my son to give me that precious gift, the Father has done the same for me. He has provided everything for me to prepare my gift and bring it back to him! The Bible says in James 1:17 “every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

As we enter into Thanksgiving and then Christmas, I encourage you to prepare your gift. Just like you do for those that you love, think about what would please and bless God. What gift could you bring that will make his heart happy? Just like me, you will never be able to out-give God but what can we create that he will gladly display for all the world to see? I desire to make my Father’s heart so happy, just like my son does for me!