Some where in the Middle

Some where in the Middle

Sometimes when life happens it can be hard to find the good. It is easy to see the bad, but do we take time to see the good? The cup doesn’t always seem half full….because it’s supposed to be overflowing.

So what about the people who can’t see anything good? I think many fall into this category. Most of the time these people don’t even know they have fallen into a dungeon of despair. I fight to stay away from this place! I will give you a great example:

After Thanksgiving of 2017, we went on a wonderful vacation. We had some incredible times and it was nice just getting away with my family. Although we had a great time, I struggled most of the trip and on the last day our oldest son woke up incredibly sick. We ended up leaving our trip early and driving through the night to get him home as quickly as possible. When I was reminiscing on our trip ,the things that stood out were all negative. I thought about the struggle I faced. I thought about how sick my son was and how discouraging that was. I thought about the annoying person who cut me off and the lady yelling bad words in a children’s place. Somewhere in my mind I had hidden away the giggles, the rides, dancing in the street with my kids unashamed, time spent with Grammy etc. I actually had to dig for those memories.

When our minds focus on the negative, we are quickly blinded to the goodness of God in our lives! If I look back at that same vacation and I focus on God’s goodness, I can see so much. I can see me and my youngest son running over and over again to the same ride because we had so much fun. I can see times of laughing in the camper God provided for us. I can see that my daughters have grown into incredible young ladies who I have so much fun with. I can see how my oldest son gets so excited and laughs from down in his belly. I can see time spent in the middle of a busy place and yet so focused on building our personal relationships. I can see joy!   

I think it’s time to re-evaluate how we look at the things around us. We need to give thanks in the little things just as much as in the big things God does.  Ask God to show you how He is moving. Ask Him to help you see all the blessings He showers upon you daily. I think your perspective might quickly change!