Thanksgiving to God

Thanksgiving to God

Are you the type of person who lives in the past or one who lives for the future? Maybe you are the type that lives in the here and now. I like to live for today, with an eye towards tomorrow, but with a hand on yesterday for reference. As we journey down this road called life, sometimes we need to remember those reference points of the past. I went through a rough season in my life and what kept me going when I wanted to give up was God saying “Remember when…” He would bring back to my memory something He had done in my life or my family’s life.

Today, I (Aaron) want to remember a Thanksgiving time from my childhood. When I was young, the Schilling side of the family would gather at my grandparents’ house. As Thanksgiving meal was being prepared, we would all go across the street to the ball field and play a couple of hours of football. Both young and old joined in. Those were some of the funniest and best Thanksgiving days I can remember. This tradition went on for years. Unfortunately, even great things sometimes come to an end. Both my grandparents passed away and Thanksgiving went a different direction. Today, we spend it with the Ziegler side of the family (mom) and we have had some fun times over Skyline dip and a deck of cards.

My (Julie) perspective of Thanksgiving Day is a little different. I grew up with resentment in my heart because my birthday often fell on Thanksgiving Day. I hated the memories of being sung to at family dinner over turkey…mainly because I hate turkey. So as I hear people get excited to stuff themselves with yummy goodness to this day the eyes of my heart roll.

Today, my perspective is very different. Thanksgiving Day is a happy thought to me. I still don’t like the food ? but it is about more than that. This time of year is about spending time with the people I love most. It’s the time to decorate with the most beautiful decorations ever!!!!! (Yes our tree is already up!) It’s a time of year my husband can slow down a bit and we get more quality time with him. Most of all it is a reminder to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for every blessing he has set before us!

Seasons come and seasons go, but the fun and thankfulness doesn’t have to. Every day, we need to find something to be thankful for or we will find ourselves miserably living in the past! The past is simply a reference, so live your best day today, no matter your circumstances. Be thankful! Happy Thanksgiving!

Aaron & Julie