The Godliness of Discipline

The Godliness of Discipline

What is Godliness? Godliness is having a relationship with God. Godliness depends on knowing God’s revealed truth. A Godly person has these three things operating in their life…

  1. A godly person is moral.
  2. A godly person is a giver.
  3. A godly person is passionate about devotion.

Godliness is not a suggestion but a command. Talent, likeableness, business savvy, success in any areas including Godly service, does not make you Godly. Godliness is a personal relationship to please God in every area of your life. You have to walk in discipline. You have to live a disciplined life. A disciplined person produces results.

I am a child of God and God disciplines those He loves (Hebrews 12:6). Correction is not rejection. Healing is never from a place of condemnation. A peaceful fruit of righteousness will appear in every area of your life starting today!

This is an excerpt from a video blog called Faith Bombs. This is from Episode 3 of our Faith Bombs video series and is Part 1 of 3. Watch the entire video blog devotional here: