The Place of Blessing

The Place of Blessing

For many years, I have prayed for spiritual, financial, and physical health breakthrough for my family. In that time, I have seeing multiple breakthroughs in all three categories. But one of the major issues is, that although the spiritual life has been maintained and constant, the financial and physical healing has been more hit or miss. I want to make a bold statement:


Then I made a radical decision. I stopped praying for breakthrough, and began praying for a sustaining flow of blessing in all three areas. There is a stream, a river of God so to speak, that can be walked into that will never run dry. Doesn’t mean you are without challenges, but that you are to be a blessed person no matter what. So blessed that people see the blessing on you, and want to know the reason for the blessing. As I have heard it said, and have said many times myself, it is normal to be challenged, but it is unscriptural to be defeated! Why do most Christians, not walk in this continued blessing? They are not taught! What they are taught is a defeated mentality and not the mindset of an overcomer. Weak doctrine produces weak Christians! 

I’m sick and tired of seeing the children of God sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of seeing believers poor, broke, and struggling. I’m sick and tired of people confused by the word of God. I’m tired of seeing broken Christians. 

What do you do when it seems that your stream has dried up? In 1 Kings 17, during the drought, Elijah was by a stream and fed by the ravens. When the stream dried up, he had to go to the next source. He went to the place of blessing. God spoke and there was a widow of Zarephath that was about to have her last meal and die. Instead, God commanded the blessing, and they had provision during the remainder of the drought.